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Hall Of Fame

Once and awhile a cavy comes along that sweeps all before it.
A cavy that dominates it's Class and or Group in its show career

Here you will find Cavies worthy of being included in the ANCC Hall of Fame

To be considered worthy of the Hall of Fame
A Cavy MUST have won the same In Group award or multiple In Show awards at the same show, at least 3 times,
two of which must be in consecutive years, at at least 3 Major shows (not a regular club show).
The cavy does NOT have to be owned by the same person in that time. 


To submit an cavy for consideration for inclusion please supply the following information
* Photo
* Full name - including all titles
* Breed, DOB, DOD Owner/s
* List of Awards including Shows, dates & judges

to the ANCC Secretary   P.O. Box 45 Wardell  NSW  2477



Photo Coming Soon!


Details: Black Roan Sow
Born 7th December, 1987 : Died 14th February, 2002  Owned by  Eveon Mafrici
Parents: Elysee Washington & Elysee Melanie May
Achievements: Best Marked Cavy in Show Australian National Cavy Show Narrandera 1998 1999 2000
Best Marked Cavy in Show Sydney Royal Easter Show 1997 (Baby Cavy) 1998 1999 2000 2001
Best Marked Cavy in Show Hobart Royal Show 1998 1999 2000





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