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The National Show is held once a year in August at Narrandera,  a town located in the Riverina area of NSW, close to the borders of Victoria and South Australia.

It is THE show that all breeders try to attend, to have your cavy placed in a class is to have done well.

The National Show is hosted by on a 2 year rotational basis by the various States

Queensland has the honour for 2005 and 2006.



The Show usually commences at 9am and can finish as late as 6pm! and no one knows who has won the Big Awards!



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Best In Show LineUp  2001 - Judges are conferring  off picture  and then Exhibitors were dismissed after a decision  was made


Dinner and Awards Presentation is held at the local Ex Servicemens Club.

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The next National Show will be held on

Saturday the 19th August 2006

at the Narrandera Showground

Open to the public all are welcome to come and have a look!


To see how many days to the National Show see below 


Only days until Aug 19th 2006
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Available Now

aninew.gif (1545 bytes) 2006 National Show Entry Forms & Schedule aninew.gif (1545 bytes)

The electronic versions are EDITABLE PDFs

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to veiw and edit them.

To enter your details on the electronic form:

just click on the field you want to fill in - font and size is all automatic!

Start typing! Please use Upper case (capital letters!)

When entering numbers (first page) just enter 1 or 2 digits (depending on total) and press 'tab' key this will move you to the next field
and will refresh the total at the bottom of the page!

All monetary entries will be added up automatically in the TOTAL at the bottom of the page.

The second page is an example of how the ENTRY FORM should be filled out.

Print out twice (1 copy for your records and 1 copy to be sent with fees to Show Manager!)

2005 National Show Results
File is in .pdf format, to save right click and select 'Save Target'

2004 National Show Results
Zipped MSWord file click on link and zip file will automatically start to download





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