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A few examples of Satin Cavies in Australia






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Pink Eyed Golden Satin

CH.Atta-Singhs Siberian Sunr
Owned by Atta-Singhs Stud
Photo by: Pam Bardell

Lemon Agouti Satin

Devonshire Blazing Arrow
Owned By: Montana Ridge Stud
Photo By: Pam Bardell

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Dark Eyed White Satin

Belmont  Crimson
Owned By: Belmont Stud
Photo By: Pam Bardell


Red Abyssinian Satin

Sillsett Flambeau
Top- Baby
Bottom - Adult
Owned By: Sillsett Stud
Photos By: Pam Bardell

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Cream Agouti Satin

Lavender Lodge Glitter
Owned by: Lavender Lodge Stud
Photo by: Michelle Parker




Eng Crested P/E White Satin

CH. Anmor Folly
Owned by: Canberry Stud
Photo by: Michelle Parker



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Pink Eyed White Satin

Taken COBS Show 22.5.05
Owned By: ?? Stud
Photo By: Pam Bardell


Satin Sheltie

Wotamess  ??
Taken COBS Show 26.02.06
Owned By: Sillsett Stud
Photo By: Pam Bardell

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Satin Self Saffron

Taken NRCS Show 2002
Owned By: Carlett Stud
Photo By: Pam Bardell




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