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Australian National Cavy Council


As adopted on 15th August 2003



1.                    NAME

The name of the organisation shall be the “Australian National Cavy Council”, hereafter referred to as “The Council”, or “ANCC”.

2.                    DEFINITIONS

The following words used in the Constitution are defined as set out below

Council:                         The ANCC

Member:                        A member of the Council (ie A club or state council).

Committee:                    The executive of the Council made up of delegates and office bearers.

Committee Member:       A delegate or office bearer.

 3.                    AIMS AND OBJECTIVES

(a)                  To promote the cavy fancy within Australia.

(b)                  To act as the co-ordinating body for affiliated clubs and councils.

(c)                  To set standards and rules in all matters pertaining to the showing of cavies at National Shows.

(d)                  To set standards for the judging of cavies throughout Australia within affiliated clubs.

(e)                  To provide information and advice on all matters pertaining to cavies.

 4.                    MEMBERSHIP

(a)                  Membership shall be open to :

(i)              Cavy Clubs

(ii)                  State Cavy Councils

(iii)                 If there is only one member club in a state then that club shall be considered to be that state’s council.

(b)                  All Clubs applying for ANCC affiliation must be affiliated with an ANCC affiliated State Council in their state, if one
              exists, before being eligible to affiliate with the ANCC.

(c)         All applications for ANCC affiliation are to include a non-refundable application fee.  This fee to be determined by the

(d)         A club or council wishing to become a member shall apply for membership to the committee in such form as the
              committee directs.  The committee shall consider each application for membership at the ADM (Annual Delegates
              Meeting) and shall accept or reject that application.

(e)         Clubs or Councils applying for membership of the ANCC must submit a copy of their constitution and rules for
              approval.  This copy must be forwarded to the Secretary not less than sixty (60) days prior to the ADM  to be sent
              to all affiliated clubs for voting on before the ADM.  All Clubs  or councils are to supply a list of their office bearers.

(f)          An application for membership can be refused if the applicant’s constitution and/or rules is deemed to be in conflict with the rules and regulations of the ANCC, or if the applicant refuses to abide by these rules and regulations, this is to be agreed to in writing at the time of applying for membership.

  (g)        The annual membership period shall commence on the first day of the month following  the month in which the
              ADM is held.

(h)         The Council has the right to set or adjust fees at the ADM.

(i)          All members must adhere to the constitution and rules of the Council.

(j)          The clubs and state councils must submit an annual list of club or council office bearers   and     qualified judges to the Secretary immediately after their Annual General Meetings and within 30 days of changes occurring throughout the year.

(k)                  A state council is to consist of at least two (2) ANCC affiliated clubs to be eligible for ANCC affiliation.

(l)                    Only one state council per state is permitted ANCC affiliation.

 5.                    THE COMMITTEE

(a)                  The affairs of the Council shall be managed exclusively by the committee which shall consist of:

(i)         Two delegates from each state

(ii)                  The office bearers of the Council shall be:-


Registrar of Studs
Standards Book Co-ordinator

(b)                  The state delegates shall be elected by all the financial members of the state clubs affiliated with the ANCC through that state’s council at a council meeting for which due notice has been given in that state and in accordance with the constitutional requirements of that state council.

(c)                  If there is no state council on a state where there are two or more ANCC affiliated clubs, then all financial members of the clubs affiliated to the ANCC in that state shall elect the delegates to the Council.

(d)                  Delegates appointed to the Council will hold the position of state delegate to the Council, for the period from the Annual Delegates Meeting (ADM) they were elected to attend until an election is held within their state to elect new delegates for the following ADM.  All state delegates must be financial members of an affiliated club for the duration of their elected term.  If a vacancy occurs then another delegate is to be appointed by the state concerned.

(e)                  The Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and Registrar of Studs to be elected at the ADM by the state delegates and must be financial members of an affiliated club for the duration of their terms.

(f)                    An Honorary Auditor shall be appointed annually.  The Auditor shall not be a member of the committee but may be a member of a cavy club that is a member of the Council.

(g)                  Whilst it is preferable for two different people to hold the positions of Secretary and Treasurer, it is permissible for one person to hold both of these offices.

(h)                  The office bearers shall hold office for the twelve months following the ADM, or unless such time as their successors shall be elected.  Any vacancy occurring during the year shall be filled at the discretion of the Council.  Such appointments shall run until the next ADM.

(i)                    Office bearers are entitled to partake in debate on items of the agenda at the ANCC ADM and are entitled to submit proposals for the ADM to the Secretary to be distributed and voted on at a National level.  Office bearers will not have the right to a vote on any agenda item or other matter pertaining to ANCC business at the ADM.  The Chairman does however have the right to the casting vote on a tied vote between delegates at the meeting (Clause 6.(e).  Office bearers will not be accountable for the outcome of any decisions handed down by the Council.

(j)                    If in the view of the Council, any of the office bearers is unable to adequately carry out the duties of their position, this view shall be communicated to the other office bearers and all other delegates on the Council and a postal ballot taken.  If the postal ballot confirms this view, by a simple majority, then the position shall be declared vacant and filled under the terms of Clause 5.(I).

(k)                  A Minutes Secretary may be appointed for the ADM, if it is the wish of the Secretary.

(m)        The Council may create Sub-committees as it thinks fit and shall make rules regulating their appointment, functions and management.  Any such sub-committee shall at all times be subject to the control and direction of the Council.

6.                    MEETINGS

(a)                  An ADM shall be held during the weekend of the National Show.

(b)                  Authorised proxies will be permitted to vote when a state in unable to send delegates in person.  The names of the proxy voters to be in the hands of the Secretary, in writing before the ADM.  All proxy votes are to be in writing, and are to specify the precise intention of the state allocating such authority on particular items on the agenda.  A copy of such proxy votes is to be in the hands of the Secretary before the ADM.

(c)                  The quorum for all committee meetings shall be delegates from at least four states and Chairman in person.  If the Chairman is unable to attend, for whatever reason, the Secretary will ask for an appointee to be elected from the delegates present at the ADM.

(d)                  All resolutions and elections shall (unless otherwise provided) be decided on a simple majority, on the voice or a show of hands.  A secret ballot shall be held on any item at the request of any delegate or office bearer present.

(e)                  The Chairman shall have a casting vote in the case of a tied vote, if the Chairman chooses to do so.  The Chairman’s casting vote is to be made with the best interests of the cavy fancy in mind.  The Chairman’s vote will be final and no correspondence will be entered into.

(f)                    Items on which there is a tied vote and the Chairman chooses not to exercise the right of a casting vote, shall be deemed to be a defeated motion.

(g)                  Abstaining vote must be taken as a non vote.  A state may abstain from voting without prejudice ie. The vote is not to be counted.

(h)                  Items for the ADM agenda, including any proposed amendments or additions to the constitution, must be lodged, in writing, with the Secretary not less than sixty (60) days prior to the ADM.  The Secretary shall send all states a list of all the agenda items for the ADM at least thirty (30) days prior to the ADM.

(i)                    Any business between ADMs shall be conducted by correspondence or other approved method.  If a method other than correspondence is used, such business is to be confirmed in writing to all Council members.

(j)                    Minutes of the ADM including full agenda item voting results, are to be forwarded in writing to all affiliated state councils and clubs not later than sixty (60) days after the meeting.

(k)                  Delegates are not permitted to vote as individuals, all voting as intended by the state the delegate is representing.   Each state has one vote.

7.                    SPECIAL RESOLUTIONS

Special resolutions must be passes by a majority of two thirds of all affiliated states.  
These special resolutions include :-

i)                      Amendments or additions to the constitution.

ii)                    A change in the Council’s name.

iii)                   A change in the Council’s aims and objectives.

iv)                   Dissolving the Council and the distribution of Council funds.

8.                    FINANCE

(a)                  The Council’s income shall be derived from stud registrations, annual fees, monies derived from sales of standards books and other general fund raising activities.

(b)                  All funds of the Council shall be paid into the credit of the Council in a bank or other financial institution as the Council shall determine from time to time.  Such accounts shall be protected and operated by the Chairman; Secretary and Treasurer.  Any two signatures agreed upon by the Council will suffice.

(c)                  No member of the Council, office bearers or members of a sub committee shall have the right to incur any financial obligations, or in any way pledge the credit of, or in any way commit the Council to a contract of any kind, except by resolution of the Council, in accordance with the constitution.

(d)                  The Treasurer shall present an audited financial report at the ADM.  If so requested by the Council, the Treasurer shall also prepare quarterly financial reports.

(e)                  The financial year of the Council shall be from the first day of the month in which the ADM is held until the last day of the month preceding the month in which the ADM is held.

9.                    STUD REGISTRATIONS

(a)                  The Council shall operate a national registration scheme for studs, so that cavies with pedigree papers can be traced back to the state and stud of origin.

10.                DISCIPLINE

(a)                  If any state council or club   is found to be not operating within the guidelines of this constitution, the Council shall discuss this matter with the party involved.   Should the state council or club  still fail to comply, the Council will have the right to terminate the membership of affiliation or association.

11.                RULES

(a)                  Rules shall be made as required for the organisation of the Council.

(b)                  The Council shall draw up a set of National Show Rules, which may be updated and amended through the process of the ADM.   Such changes not to be implemented until the following year’s show.

(c)                  Such rules shall not be inconsistent with this constitution.

(d)                  New or altered rules must be notified, in writing, to the affiliated clubs, to ensure all clubs get the information.   This would normally occur as part of the minutes of the ADM.


(a)                  The Council shall have reproduced copies of the constitution and rules.  These shall be distributed to the state councils, clubs and judges upon alteration or as requested.

13.                DISOLUTION OF THE COUNCIL

(a)                  The Council may be dissolved or wound up by a resolution at a committee meeting called for such a purpose.

(b)                  If, on the winding up of the Council, any property of the Council that remains after the satisfaction of debts and liabilities of the Council and the costs, charges and expenses of that winding up, that property shall be distributed :-

(i)          To another body having similar objects to the Council; or

(ii)                  for charitable or benevolent purposes, which, as the case requires shall be determined by resolution of the committee to plan the distribution of surplus property of the Council.


ANCC  Constitution  – August, 2003.


  This document is copyright.  Permission is given to photocopy the original document only.  No part may be reproduced by any other process  without written permission.



Amendments to Constitution.

17.8.01                            4. (a) Membership

17.8.01                            4. (e) Membership

17.8.01                            5. (a) Committee Members

17.8.01                            5. (e) Committee Members

17.8.01                            8. (e) Finance   

16.8.02                            5. (e)  Committee Members

16.8.02                            4. (b)  Membership

16.8.02                            4. (c)  Membership

15.8.03              Fully adopted, deleted the word ‘Interim’






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